3 Steps to Getting Real Estate Business Online

Rule#1: The bigger the area and population of an area = The harder it will be to rank for that area.Look at these search terms and the number of results for each one below. I just did these searches from Thousand Oaks California yesterday:Look at these search terms and the number of results for each one below:‘Real Estate’: 1,250,000,000, Over ONE BILLION Results! Do you think you can get on the first few pages of that search: Yes, it would take years or many $$$ to rank for that term.‘California Real Estate’: This result is 115,000,000, One Hundred-Fifteen MILLION, one tenth the result as above, but still a difficult task to rank.‘Thousand Oaks Real Estate’: 1,010,000. Down to One Million Results. Much less competition but still going to take time and money to get there, but it is doable. Thousand Oaks has over 130,000 inhabitants, and yes, size of area and population does matter on how difficult it takes to rank highly on Google.‘Mountclef Village Thousand Oaks CA’: Just 12,400 Results! You can win!  Now we have a strong chance to rank. Think you could rank highly for this area? Absolutely!  Now let’s see how and why!You can win this one!Now let’s see how and why...and the 3 Steps now
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Four Easy Tips to Professional Agent Branding

It always pays to brand yourself as a professional. Buyers and Sellers all want to work with a professional, not an amateur. You can make a great first impression by having a unified image or brand across all your marketing and advertising. Here’s how:

1. Website Domain Name

The first domain name you should always own is, that is, your actual name. In many ways your name IS your brand in real estate. If your actual name is not available, try using something like or If you market exclusively to one market area try to get a name with the market area stated, such as:
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Top 4 Technology Tips For Real Estate Agents

One of the most important things that the real estate industry is learning as we get further into the twenty-first century is this: real estate agents need to build their business through technology. These days, potential customers go straight to Google on their Smartphone to find the latest and greatest real estate agents. So, if you want to step up your game and remain relevant, then these top 4 things that real estate agents need to build their business through technology will help!

1. A Real Estate Agent Needs to Build Their Business by Creating a Great Website

People, especially Millennials who have started looking for a home, are the biggest emerging market for finding a home nowadays. This means that you will need to have a great website for them to check out, as they practically live online. If you do not put one hundred percent into the look and feel of your website, they will notice, and it will definitely make them less interested in your skills. Real estate agents need to build their business through technology, and if you do not make a great first impression with your website, then you will sink very quickly online.
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Don’t Hate me Because I’m Beautiful

Remember those L’Oreal commercials that had a pretty actress that would say, “Don’t hate me because I’m Beautiful.” And then lots of slow motion video of her hair looking great?Well, this post has NOTHING to do with that.I only ask, “Don’t hate me if I speak the truth about being a successful real estate agent.”Now you can go to one of our $1,000 seminars and learn the technology of real estate, the tools of real estate, how to utilize a website and IDX to make MONEY and all of that. But the bottom line for success in real estate is something that only about 20% of agents ever seem to fully understand.The top 10 to 20% of agents have all quietly figured this out and they simply do it with little or no fanfare. Maybe that is why this group generates 80 to 90% of the revenue in real estate.

So what do they know and do that most don’t?

The Answer: The top agents simply do that which other agents won’t do. They do that which is hard and uncomfortable. They are willing to sacrifice the little things to put off instant gratification to earn a result that they desire. They commit to hard work, plain and simple. There are no real shortcuts.
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Use Facebook, Get More Leads

In order to successfully generate leads through a marketing medium, the medium needs to have the ability to target the specific market you operate in and do so in an effective manner. Let me introduce you to the wonders of marketing via Facebook.

Why Facebook?

You’re probably thinking: “Ugh! Facebook? That’s for my kids!” or perhaps: “I use that just to connect with family and friends. That can’t possibly be a good place to advertise.”I will counter with these pretty little statistics: 71% of adult internet users and 58% of the entire adult population are on Facebook. That rounds out to more than a billion people!

Let’s compare this to other social media sites:

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Localization Webinar: Long-Term Success for Realtors

In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, it’s important that realtors distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. Focusing on localization and strengthening your local SEO, or search engine optimization, will increase the likelihood you will be noticed and chosen to work with.

Focus on SEO and Localization

As a realtor, it’s all about “location, location, location,” you are wasting your time, energy, and resources if you are not being seen by consumers in your territory.If you market and optimize yourself correctly and effectively, you will have far more online exposure and presence online.

Tips To Increase Your Localization

  1. Tags and Meta-Tags

Understanding how SEO works is crucial to increasing the likelihood people will see and visit your site. Looking at and adjusting tags and meta-tags, as well as your site’s title and snippet, to contain keywords relevant for your territory will make it easier for online users to see your site in searches relevant for homes in your areas.
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Keeping Your Website Fresh

A Website As Fresh As the Other Side of the Pillow

It’s 2016 and business has been booming. You upgraded to a larger office across town. You’ve worked on several high profile real estate transactions. And, you’ve even hired several agents to work under your roof.

But, when was the last time you bothered to update your website? What about just basic information?

Have trouble remembering? That’s way too long! We live in a society where information is constantly being updated and disseminated. Your website needs to keep up with the demands of your consumers. And more importantly, your website needs to stay fresh to rank higher in search engines and draw more traffic to your site.

Here are 5 things to update immediately on your website:

1. Update Your Contact Information

Providing your contact information is the most fundamental purpose of your website (and really any of your online marketing tools) and if it’s not up-to-date, you are missing out on potential clients. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, people are not going to jump through hoops to work with you – they’ll just move on to another easier to reach agent.Check that your phone and fax numbers, email, address, and links to your social media sites are all up-to-date and working. You should do this for any social media sites you are on as well. Having outdated information on any of your sites is just a waste of your time and energy.
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Brand Smarter, Not Harder

Your real estate website is an important aspect of your online presence, marketing, and branding strategy. Is your site saying enough about you and your brand?

Your website is the first introduction many people will have of you and your business. Is your website sending a good first impression? Your website might be turning potential clients away and you might not even know it. Thousands of dollars gone before you even get a chance to introduce yourself in person.


The Problem

The main and consistent issue we see when we’re building new sites, or revamping old sites, for our customers is the utter lack of information on the agent themselves. People have no idea what your brand is!
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Get 55% More Leads By Blogging

Get 55% more real estate leads by blogging on your website!

Blogging is crucial to drawing and keeping incoming traffic on your real estate website. Learn 5 tips to build a better blog that will get you more clients.Real estate blogs use to be a nice way of building trust and maintaining credibility and visibility with current and potential buyers. Now, they are a requirement to draw traffic and leads to your website.Having a website does not distinguish you from the herd of other real estate agents in your area. And God forbid your website is even slightly outdated or slow to load. Both of these can turn your potential clients off from your website, never to return.

Why Blogs Work

Blogging allows you to create a dialog between you and your clients, and acts as a consistent reminder that you are a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent available to your clients.Even better: Google loves blogs because content is updated frequently and you can tailor blogs to have a more diverse, and larger range of SEO, drawing more traffic to you and your site than you would normally have gotten with just your website.Blogs enable potential clients to subscribe so they can receive updates whenever you publish a new post which acts as free advertising for you and your company.

How to Build A Better Blog

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Know Your Real Estate: Know Your School Districts

91% of home buyers said school boundaries were important when searching for homes.

One out of five home buyers would pay six to 10 percent above their budget for the right school.

One out of 10 home buyers would go so far as to pay up to 20 percent more than what their budget afforded.

Let this sink in for a second.

These are understandable statistics when you consider that children who don’t graduate high school can expect an average annual income of $20,000. Another factor to consider is how crime rate and the quality of the school system go hand-in-hand. Both of these have a huge impact on a home’s value. People aren't just buying a home, they're buying a future for their children.Buyers want to maximize their investment as much as possible and investing in their children’s future is a huge part of that investment.
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